Premium Service

...unsurpassed personalized service awaits the few that dare to venture 

beyond the lush vineyards, rolling hills and warmth of the sun.

Exclusive Experiences

A new level of service for wine enthusiasts

Born out of passion for wine and personal service, Moxie has quietly rose to the

forefront of quality experiences in the south Okanagan.


"Bravo Steve! My girlfriends and I have the most amazing time. Your attentive service to the point and outgoing personality definitely makes it worth for every dollar"

Premium Service

Our detailed service caught the attention of the booming film industry

and for the past 4 years we have been the go to for "celebrity handling" in the Okanagan.


"I was blown away by the wonderful service my wife and I were provided for our Wine tour. Steven gave such a great personal touch to our experience with his knowledge and Enthusiasm through out our time spent with him."

Understated Luxury

MOXIE has integrated  the same model of premium treatment  for  wine enthusiasts as in handling celebrities and VIP'S - a level of service not matched in the South Okanagan.


"We have hired Moxie Tours a number of times with impressive results each time. They work very diligently to build relationships with their customers to ensure they have a fantastic tour. "


Our choices of experiences are both exciting and educational.

If you are looking for an experience not found anywhere else in the South Okanagan MOXIE is your choice.


"2 wine tours with Moxie Tours with a third next week. Steven is knowledgeable, accommodating, fun and just a great person to lead these tours. Very 'dialed in' to the wine scene in the Okanagan."



We exceed expectations